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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Drunk Driving Root Cause

Alcohol Research Misconduct
Cause Drunk Driving

By: Valerian Texeira.

(2011 Revised Edition)

Authors Note : 2010 Edition:

This is the Principle document of this “Drunk Driving DUI: Root-Cause” weblog. It contends that the ongoing alcohol research “Misconduct” that basically causes all of the alcoholism problems including the DUI or the Drunk Driving problems that we see today. I regularly republish this document in this blog site so not to confine it to the archives. This is its latest updated version to the date.


This is a major “Scientific Misconduct” Allegation Report (SMAR) made in good faith. It is the outcome of my long years of study into the alcohol research that finally uncovered that the worlds leading alcohol(ism) problems preventions treatment research ‘institutions’ continue to carry on a major and most treacherous scientific/research misconduct. --- It causes various alcohol(ism) problems, the notorious among is the DUI or the drunk driving, its fatal accidents are the deadliest among all!


My quest started during the year1999 when I first discovered that by opting to the low-alcohol drinks, successfully removed my fast 15 years of chronic alcohol dependence or the alcoholism. Of course this Low-Alcohol Drinking (LAD) ‘wisdom remedy’ known since ancient times I only ‘re-discovered’ it with some modification and named it as the “Zero Alcohol Drink”(ZAD) method. In the year 2000, I was able to publish its book titled: “A Scientific Method to Minimize Alcohol: THE ZERO ALCOHOL DRINK THEORY”. Its book-review got published in THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS – Science Express on Tuesday 20th June 2000; and in the UK Journal “Addiction” (April 2001) 96, pp. 657-58. Thereafter its landmark website ‘Alcoholics Curewell’ was launched in the year 2003.

However the ‘institutions’ dismissed this entire ZAD finding by basically saying that -- there are no such ‘academic’ research evidences to prove it. -- Even after two of my most important papers 1). “The WHO & USDHHS Promoted World Alcoholism Mess” 2). “Zero Alcohol Drink- Alcohol Detoxification Clinical Trial (ZAD-ADCT)” published in the year 2004 and 2005 subsequently, did not change their fundamental position on alcoholism prevention treatment.

Institutions fundamental Alcoholism Position:

The Alcoholism prevention treatment research institutions fundamental position, (promulgations) on this matter basically asserts that; ‘alcohol drinks irrespective of the alcohol content in them high or low nevertheless cause alcoholism problems particularly in those vulnerable, “predisposed” people. Therefore, opting for low-alcohol drinking, to prevent or eliminate alcoholism particularly the dependence cannot succeed or such attempts bound to fail (due to the loss or “impaired control” symptom of the “alcohol dependence” ; ICD-10, DSM-IV, diagnostic criteria), if the people try it’.

No Research evidence of Low-Alcohol Drinks Causing Alcoholism:

My real breakthrough in this matter (uncovering or this scientific/research misconduct) came in 2006 when I started seriously searching for the institutions academic (empirical, clinical, epidemiological) research reports, evidences that supports their above mentioned fundamental alcoholism position. My search took me to look into those leading Alcoholism, preventions treatment research institutions peer-reviewed Journals reports publications. Thanks for the Internet, the world wide “web”, which made it all possible. My search included the most important “Medline Plus” . “PubMed” <>. “ETHO” <>. However to my utter shock I found absolutely NO such research evidence that basically suggest that the alcohol dependent people who opt for the Low-Alcohol Drinks in order prevent alcoholism problems nevertheless fail in their attempt! On the contrary there are quite a few research that I found, which clearly suggest that opting for the low-alcohol drinks indeed prevent people from most of the alcohol(ism) problems including the drunk driving and so from its fatal accidents!

“Standard Alcohol Drinks” Cause Alcohol(ism) Problems:

The most important thing that I learned from my study in this regard is that all the institutions alcohol(ism) problems prevention treatment research conclusions seems to based on the outcome of consuming the standard alcohol drinks”. The most popular among them is the “standard beer” drink, which contains around 5% and above alcohol (v/v) content. Meanwhile, all these “alcohol research” seems to have totally omitted, ignored or neglected to verify or to check it out whether any of the excessive alcohol consumption, drunkenness, drunk driving its accidents etc. alcohol(ism) problems occurs in the people who prefer, choose or opt to drink the low-alcohol drinks, say containing around 2% or less alcohol v/v, (which is almost around half of the alcohol content of the standard beer) to prevent alcoholism.

All these research strongly confirms to the fact that the excessive alcohol consumption, drunkenness, alcohol(ism) problems in people most probably occur from consuming the “standard alcohol drinks”, which generally contains around and above 5% alcohol (Ironically, these are the same drinks, sanctioned by the institutions, in their much publicized “How to cut down, control, limit or moderate alcohol drinking”) and on the other hand there are NO such research evidences to prove that the alcohol “dependence” (ICD-10, DSM-IV, diagnostic criteria) or the alcohol(ism) problems occur in the people who choose to drink the ‘low-alcohol drinks’.

A Major Scientific/Research Misconduct Allegation Report:

It took me some time to realize that this principle “omission”, negligence or failure to conduct the alcohol research on this most critical Low-Alcohol drinks, brings in a basic default or “FALSIFICATION” into this entire alcoholism prevention, treatment research, which under the principles of “Ethics in Science” is defined as a Scientific or “Research Misconduct” on the part of the institutions. Thereby in a ‘good faith’ I wrote its extensive complaint titled “A Major Scientific Misconduct Allegation Report” (SMAR) containing two parts, (now made available in website) explaining in details many of its different aspect, fundamental points, basic facts, of this matter and send it to the Universities/Institutions most importantly to the NIAAA asking them to immediately undertake an inquiry into this SMAR under the US. Policy of Responding to Research Misconduct Allegation PHS CFR Part 93. <>.

NIAAA, Institutions Total Irresponsiveness to My SMAR:

However to my total dismay, majority of those university/institutions members most importantly the NIAAA, completely ignore it to the extent they don’t bother to send me even an initial acknowledgement response to it! This amounts to a reckless disregard or “violation of due process” by these institutions in such matters under the PHS scientific/research misconduct policy, including the Whistleblowers Bill or Rights, as it commands the institutions to send a written notice or acknowledgment in response to a scientific/research misconduct allegation report in the part of its ‘allegation assessment’ regulations.

Health Action:

Meanwhile, a beckon of hope to my SMAR comes from a leading health institution in India <>, which has shown a healthy interest and tried to help me by publishing it under the title: “A Major Scientific Misconduct Allegation Report”(in two parts) in the November and December (year 2006) issue of their health magazine called the "Health Action" in its ‘Research & Ethics’ section.

Final Appeal:

I am a lay person committed to social justice most of my life, now ended up with this major SMAR, which further escalated by its Whistleblowers complaint. From my disadvantaged position from India, it is most difficult for me to pursue this major public health research misconduct carried out by the leading alcohol research institutions mainly in the US. Ironically it is the US, which faces the drunk driving/accident problems due to this alcohol research misconduct more than anyone in the world today. So there is a serious need of the concerned people media to take up this major public health issue and to see to it that the concerned authorities undertake “A thorough, competent, objective, and fair response” mandated under the US Policy [PHS CFR Part 93. 300 (b), 304 (b)] of “Responding to Research Misconduct Allegation” for the sake of the worlds public health. Further more details documents most important on this matter available in the website:

Valerian Texeira

St. Joseph Nagar, Jeppu

Mangalore – 575002 India.

© Copyright 2006-2011 . All rights of this publication reserved by the author. This publication can be feely used for educational , social awareness and other such purposes by mentioning its authors name, except for the commercial use one must obtain permission from the author.



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At December 13, 2011 at 1:49 AM , Blogger Dave Velasco said...

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