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Monday, April 27, 2009

Paul E. Torrey DUI Manslaughter: Sentenced 18 Years

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Paul E. Torry 61, obviously a alcohol vulnerable and gullible person. He is like millions of those who whenever takes to drink those “standard alcohol drinks” falls into excessive alcohol consumption (above the DUI limit) and their judgment gets impaired (loss of control) more or less. So many people get into Drunk Driving at this state of mind, luckily overwhelming number of people get away with it without any DUI incidents. Many however results in unfortunate fatal DUI accident the manslaughter!

However, the real culprits behind all Drunk Driving/Accidents are those alcohol drink governing bosses who license and market those extremely dangerous high alcohol content drinks, which as the alcohol epidemiological research studies point out causes almost all of those excessive alcohol consumption, drunkenness or the alcohol(ism) problems that includes the drunk driving and its fatal accidents specially the DUI manslaughters.

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